Sunday, July 6, 2014

QC6 Day 7

I finally got to wash some things out today and see the results!  Yesterday's post included a picture of applying color magnet to some yardage - I actually did 3 pieces of fabric, plus I had the t-shirt I started last week and then had to redo.  Here are the results.  First, the shirt.
I thought the color magnet was completely washed out after the soda ash soak, but you can see from the shadowing that it was not.  But still, not a bad result.  Especially because the shirt is 45% polyester and 55% natural fibers - I wasn't sure how well it would take the dye, but it did better than I expected. Now tofigure out what to do on shirt #2.

These are the 3 fabric pieces.  All are printed with thermofax screens.  Top is tree bark, middle is a mustard flower, and the bottom combines a sewer cover image and circles.  I'm really pleased with how they turned out, so I think I will be using more of this product.  I'm already incorporating tree bark in a project that's underway.  I wanted the mustard flower to be an all over pattern, but it was really hard to see where I had already printed so I missed some spots.  The base fabric was a pale blue/green and the color magnet is yellow so it really blended in as it dried.

Another thing I did today was breakdown   printing.  This was prepared a few days ago on a wooden framed silk screen.  The screen is painted with thickened dye and objects are placed on it to form impressions as it dries.  I used stencils to make the impressions.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of that part.  To print, you use a clear print paste on the screen to soften and release the dye.  The more you print, the more you loose the image, hence the name breakdown printing.  Why take the time to do that, you might wonder?  Well, you can get some really interesting, unique prints, and its fun to see what you get.  This is the best print.

And that's it for day 7.  Aren't you glad I didn't mention the bug swarm last night?

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