Tuesday, July 1, 2014

QC6 Day 2

I'm off to a slow start this year.  This morning we had to go to the library to make some image copies to burn screens that we had orders for.  Then come back to the house and make the screens, package them for shipping.  By then it was lunch time, so it made sense to eat before we headed off to the post office, Keepsake Quilting and the grocery store.  By the time we got back, I was ready for a nap!  Got up to eat dinner and clean up, but still am not too energetic so I am blogging instead.

I did start off the morning by sorting through some of my supplies and playing with some pieces from previous years, on the far end of the table.

Elizabeth prepared a previously dyed piece with a flour paste resist so it could sit in the sun to dry.  While we were at the library, a small critter jumped up on the table and walked across it.

After our stop at the post office, we headed on to Center Harbor where Keepsake Quilting is located.  They claim to be the largest quilt shop in the US, and have a huge mail order business as well.  Since it is July 1, this is the first day of the Row by Row Experience shop hop and we wanted to pick up their free row pattern. 1250 shops in 34 states are participating.  From July1 through September 2, quilters can stop in a participating shop and pick up a free pattern.  Most shops will also have kits available if you want to make your row exactly like theirs, or you can choose other fabrics.  If you make 8 rows from different shops in your travels and combine them into a quilt, you can take it to a participating shop to be eligible for a prize.  Here is Keepsake's row:

Guess it's time to figure out what I'm going to work on tomorrow!

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