Friday, July 18, 2014

QC6 Day 19

We made another trip to Keepsake Quilting today, with a stop at an antique shop on the way and the grocery store after, so didn't accomplish much in the studio.  But I did wash out 4 more pieces of indigo dyeing (pictures of just 3) and, I made pie!! (Keeping up with my 1 my per week assignment, only this week I was an over achiever and made 2.)

The top photo is a fat quarter that was clamped with wooden circles to resist the dye.  In the 2nd piece which is cotton gauze, I used wooden discs and buttons with rubber bands wrapped around; the stripes are also done with rubber bands.  The third piece is also cotton gauze that was pole wrapped.

The pie this week is Shoo-fly Pie, a PA Dutch tradition.  This is my great grandmother's recipe, which makes 2 pies (that's why I made 2).  Yum!  Haven't had this in a long time.  Part pie, part coffee cake.
At Keepsake we happened to get there for the first day of their fat quarter sale.  I didn't need any fabric but........40% off!

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