Monday, July 21, 2014

QC6 Day 22

My time at quilt camp is finally winding down.  My husband arrived today, so I will be departing in a few more days.  As I said yesterday, I'm trying to squeeze a few more things in before I go.  We had some errands to do in Wolfeboro this morning, so again a not very productive day in the studio.  However the reason for the errands was to go to the library to make prints for screens and the post office to mail some orders, so that part of the day was productive.  We have had 12 orders through our Etsy shop over the last 3 weeks - the most ever in that amount of time so PGFiber2Art has definitely been productive!  We've also added 8 new screens to the shop these last 3 weeks and also screened tote bags.  Check us out at the link above.

What I did get done in the studio was to rinse out the 2 indigo pieces from yesterday.  I'm satisfied with the results, especially the scarf, which really didn't take much dye on the first go-round.  The green piece will probably have some more surface design added.
I also put some more pieces in dye for another "experiment".  We have some instructions for dyeing with a "suede" finish, so decided to do a comparison between the "suede" ingredients and standard ingredients.  Here are the 2 dye pots of plum waiting till wash out tomorrow.
Elizabeth did some quick printing this evening making "cloud" fabric.  And I burned some more screens today that are ready for taping.

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