Wednesday, July 9, 2014

QC6 Day 10

Ten days already?  It's hard to believe we've been here that long!  Today was mostly a studio/sewing day.  Here is the day in pictures.
I tried out some new screens.  The photo above is before and after.  I added a little pine sprig to the fabric in the bottom photo.  In the pictures below, I was trying out a ledger page from 1899 and a postcard from 1908.

I decided to over dye the shibori piece in yesterday's post.  I wrapped it with the lighter part on the outside and put it in deep purple dye.
I also decided to try another type of shibori, using shape resists.  These circles are clamped above, below, and between the folded layers of fabric.  It was a light blue when I started.  It is in cobalt blue dye.
I crackled the flour resist piece and applied dy-na-flow paint.  After it dried, I washed it out.  It wasn't as successful as I hoped - too much paint; the Dy-na-flow is thin and pools underneath, which I forgot about.  But there are some decent parts.  (That is the bottom picture below.)  The top is a set of 10 linen napkins in a turkey red dye bath.  (Thinking ahead to Christmas.)

I also worked on sewing together my row from Keepsake Quilting.  It's all together, but I haven't taken pictures yet so that will be in tomorrow's post.

Finally, to end the day, a trip to Bailey's Bubble for ice cream (Maine Blackbear) and the evening sun after a thunderstorm.

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