Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Box

Today my mother pulled a small shoe-type box out of the closet and revealed some things I'd never seen before.  It was like opening a time capsule.
It contained pictures, report cards, postcards, newspaper clippings, even a miniature dictionary. These were keepsakes she had saved from her youth and young adulthood.

It was so fascinating to see my mother in a different light, glimpses of her life as a girl and single young woman, before marriage and children. I suppose my own children may say the same about me some day.
Above, her first grade photo and report card along with a certificate for 3 consecutive years of perfect attendance. She attended several one-room schools and skipped the third grade.
This collage is a mixture - the bottom section is the only school dictionary she ever had. It is about 2 x 4 inches and can be seen in the open box above with the black cover behind the pictures. The booklet is for World War II savings stamps for use in buying bonds. And pictures at different ages - as a teen with her accordion and on the beach at Atlantic City. What a treasure! I'm so glad she hadn't thrown these things away.

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