Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Dye Results

Snow dye results are pretty unpredictable - the snow we had this week was very light and fluffy, not high water content, so the dye was less diluted as the snow melted than it would have been with a wetter snow.  Anyway, you never know quite what you're going to get!
 The piece above is the black cherry that was a low-water immersion dye.  It has some very dark and very light areas, and interesting color separation.
 This piece is a combination of parakeet and kingfisher blue snow dye. There is more blending of the 2 colors than distinct areas, except for a few streaks of the kingfisher blue.
 This snow dye was a combination of dragon fruit and black cherry.  Both lengthwise edges of the fabric have white areas where the dye didn't penetrate, which make some interesting patterns.
The piece above is a rayon scarf that was in the ice dye.  The colors I used were baby blue, elephant grey and watermelon.  I was really expecting more blue but the watermelon dominated.  There are some large areas with very little color, so I will be adding some more to this one.  It does have some very interesting patterning though.

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