Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Dye 2014

We got about 5 inches of snow today with the winter storm, so I got a chance to do some snow dyeing.  I had some new colors from Dharma Trading that I wanted to try out. 

Here is an overhead view of the 2 pans I set up.  On the right, a mesh screen is tacked to a frame and sits on top of a large kitty litter pan to catch the drips.  2 yards of soda ash soaked fabric are scrunched under the mound of snow (like the pan on the left).  The left pan has a mesh sleeve (made from a grocery store produce bag) slipped over a smaller kitty litter pan.  The clothes pins hold the ends tight so it doesn't sag.  Both pans have a fat quarter of fabric in the bottom to catch the drips of dye as the snow melts.
 Here the dye is poured over the snow.  Above colors are parakeet and kingfisher blue.  Colors below are dragon fruit and black cherry.

I also put a yard in low immersion dye of black cherry, and an infinity scarf is being ice dyed in the larger container.
The ice dye has 3 colors - baby blue, elephant grey, and watermelon. 

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