Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Goodies & Happy New Year!

A package I ordered from Dharma Trading arrived yesterday - more goodies to play with in the New Year!
A couple of scarf blanks and 5 yards of fabric for dyeing, along with 9 (!!) new colors of dye.  Guess I'll have to figure out when to fit that into the schedule.

That's the story of my life right now - trying to figure out some sort of schedule in order to accomplish the things on my to-do list - something I'll be working on in the New Year.  Having retired this past Sept. 1, I've not yet settled on a routine that feels productive.  I have been going to exercise in the morning, but I feel like it really delays the start of my day as far as being productive in the studio.  So I've decided I will flip things around and spend mornings in the studio, and go to exercise in the afternoon.  I feel like I will be able to accomplish more that way.  At least until something else interferes, like dentist appointments, etc.  Another wrinkle is that my mother, who is 92 and has been in good health, has had some recent health issues that will have me traveling to PA more frequently to help out the siblings who live near by, so they aren't saddled with all the care.  She is recovering but it is a slow process.

So, no big resolutions this year.  Just an effort to establish a routine that helps me reach my goals.  (That list would be way too long to share.)  Hopefully focusing on the routine will help the other things fall into place.  I wish you all a healthy, happy, prosperous and creative 2014!

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