Friday, October 25, 2013

Shibori Fabric Dyeing

Elizabeth and I are taking a shibori dyeing class this weekend.  Shibori is an ancient Japanese fabric dyeing technique of creating shape resists that utilize a variety of methods – wrapping, tying, stitching, folding, twisting – to create richly textured patterns of color on fabric.  Here is a Quilting Arts video on You Tube that will give you some background on shibori dyeing.

In our quilt camp summers we have experimented with shibori. Elizabeth has done more than I have.  I feel very much a novice at this technique.  Here are pictures of a few of our past experiments.

 In the top picture, the red/yellow/blue piece and the shirt in the above picture were done by folding and then applying the dye in specific places to create pattern.

The piece above is done by wrapping the fabric around a PVC pipe, tying with cord, and then scrunching together before adding the dye, as you see in the pan above.

Hopefully we will have some beautiful creations to post pictures of next week! 

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