Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quilt Exhibit at Sewing Expo

Today I attended the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo held in Fredericksburg, VA.  My friend Kathy accompanied me; she had not been to this particular show before, so it was interesting to have a "newbie's" perspective.  I usually go with Elizabeth, but she had another commitment today.  When you go to a show with someone who has similar interests, you tend to gravitate to the same vendors and perhaps overlook some others.  If your friend has somewhat different interests, you may discover new things, so there are advantages to both scenarios.  Kathy was surprised at the number of machine embroidery vendors at this show - there were quite a few.  Also, there were lots of machine vendors, both domestic/embroidery machines and long arms.  And the usual fabric, thread, and art quilt suppliers.

Over the years I have attended, this show has gradually been increasing the size of its quilt exhibit.  There were several traveling exhibits that make the rounds of Sew Expos in various locations around the US, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  My favorite was an exhibit by Studio Art Quilt Associates, called "Deux", in which quilters shared their artistic point of view through 2 art quilts that were displayed side by side.  Here are 2 pieces by Frieda Anderson.

There was also a very interesting exhibit from the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild in which each artist selected a piece of artwork as inspiration, and then traded with another member of the group who made a quilt to interpret that person's inspirational art. 
The descriptions included a picture of the original inspiration artwork, so you could see what the maker used as inspiration.

Another group of quilts was donated to the Quilt Alliance and will be auctioned after touring, several by nationally known quilters.  The first below is by Jamie Fingal; the 3rd is by Lisa Ellis.  I didn't get a name on the middle one, but like the lively colors and movement.

This last is one of my favorites.  This was another group of SAQA quilts, from the Georgia/South Carolina region.

It was an enjoyable (though tiring) day viewing the quilts and shopping at the vendors.  Also chatted with quilting friends from other areas, so that was a nice bonus.

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