Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Customer Work - Screen Printing Pottery

This past Sunday I had an order for some custom screens - nothing unusual about that, but the intended use was something new.  Michelle Reents is a potter, and wanted to try a technique she had just seen on the web - using a thermofax screen to apply designs on ceramics.  I watched the video myself, just to have a better understanding of the process, and was intrigued.  Of course, I made the screens and sent them off to Michelle, along with some tips for prep and care of the screens that weren't  mentioned in the video.  She received the screens today, got right to work and sent me an email with a link to her blog post with pictures of the printed pottery!

You can read more on her Reents Pottery blog post here.  She has several more steps to get to the finished product, and I look forward to seeing them finished!  Thanks for sharing, Michelle.

So, there you have another surface that thermofax screens can be used on, in addition to fabric and paper.  Hmm....this may get me thinking about other possibilities!  Are there other surfaces you have tried printing on?  I would love to hear your comments!

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