Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wall Art

During quilt camp this summer I used a technique for using up the excess paint on a screen before washing it. Using a slightly damp sponge to print not only gives you additional prints but helps clean your screens without washing a lot of paint down the drain. I had a scrap bag of Cherrywood fabrics I used for these prints - pieces that are approximately 6x9 inches.  If you are not familiar with Cherrywood, they make beautiful hand dyed fabric with the look of suede. I ended up with quite a few of these and decided they would make Great Wall art.

I took a 9x12 artist canvas and covered it with a contemporary piece of fabric that I thought would pair well with the simplicity of the print.  I layered the print with fusible batting and quilted around the print, then finished off the edges with a satin stitch. Originally I intended to attach it to the canvas with an invisible stitch, but then got the idea to do a visible running stitch around the edge - and luckily had the perfect color of perle cotton.  I think it really enhances the piece. I'm happy with how it turned out and excited to make more!

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