Friday, May 9, 2014

Post SAQA Conference Printing Class

PGFiber2Art was honored to kick off a week-long series of special classes at Artistic Artifacts that followed the Studio Art Quilt Associates conference held in Alexandria last week.  Last Sunday afternoon we had a group of 10 delightful ladies for Thermofax Screen Printing, 5 who were local and 5 who attended the SAQA conference from other states - Colorado, Arizona, South Carolina, and Georgia.  They created some lovely pieces of fabric and were willing to experiment and try new things.  It was a relaxing and fun afternoon.

Above are several students hard at work. As part of their kit they chose 5 fat quarters of both hand-dyed and commercial fabric to print on.
The snowflake fabric turned out awesome!  The hand-dyed fabric is the perfect background for the all-over snowflake printing.  Below, two different circle screens are used in different colors to create layers and depth.

 I love the way these 3 prints of money plant are slightly overlapped, and also the combination of a natural design element with text.  Below a tree bark screen is combined in different colors with text.

 The piece above was created with 4 different screens and different colors to add texture and depth.
Jeanne is hard at work!

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