Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Team America Tie Dye!

My daughter plays on a kickball team in DC, calling themselves Team America.  A while back, she mentioned that she wanted to tie dye their shirts.  Well, last week we finally got down to some specifics, since the first game is coming up on Thursday.  I haven't done much tie dyeing nor given this project much thought, and it suddenly dawned on me that she was talking about the shirts for the ENTIRE TEAM - 25! With the weekend already busy (teaching a class and attending a wedding), Sunday was the only time to get this done.  We looked at some books for tying options (while riding to and from the wedding), and since she wanted red, white & blue, decided to try a spiral design.  After arriving home from the wedding Sunday (an overnight trip), we went out shopping for the additional supplies needed. - who knew inexpensive kitty litter pans would be so hard to find?  Then we finally got everything assembled and started tying the circular bundles with rubber bands. We used 3 bands on each to make 6 wedges, so we would have 2 wedges each of red, white and blue. After that, they went into a soda ash solution to soak for 20 minutes.  My daughter's friend arrived to help, and later on, her sister and another friend.  I mixed up the dye, and they did the application. 

  We used cooling racks from the dollar store and foil grill pans to elevate the shirts off the bottom of the pans, so they wouldn't sit in the dye that dripped all the way through.  Then they had to sit for 24 hours.  Come back tomorrow for the results!

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