Monday, April 22, 2013

Batik Day 2

This is another piece from day 1.  After the first waxing it was dyed yellow.  The white is the first waxing with tjaps.  What remains yellow is the second waxing after which it was over-dyed red.  I think this piece is successful; I really like it.  
Here is the blue piece from day 1.  It too was waxed a second time (the leaves) and then over-dyed in red as well.  So all the white lines from the first waxing are now red, and the overall color is purple. What remains blue is from the 2nd waxing.  I was less pleased with this outcome, so I made a new blue piece with the same pattern.

Here are 2 more pieces from day 2; both have only 1 waxing - no time for a second layer.   I really like this teal blue color.
We also had some homework after day 1 to create a personal motif and draw it on our fabric.  So on day 2 we also waxed (by hand) and dyed this piece.  The first dye on this was a pretty coral-orange color.  I wanted to dull it some, so over-dyed in black to get this rust color, but now its duller than I wanted and the coral is less vibrant.  Oh well, lessons learned.  It actually doesn't look too bad in the photo.

Tomorrow - pictures of classmates creations!

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