Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quilt Camp 4

Greetings from New Hampshire!  My friend Elizabeth and I are in the midst of "quilt camp 4" at her summer house on the lake.  We've had limited internet access so this is the first post.  Weather has been beautiful, we escaped Northern Virginia just before the big storm hit that knocked out power for days.  We have been creating and relaxing, enjoying nature...except for the bear that visited this morning!  Here are a few pictures from the first week and a half.

 This fellow decided to take one of the bird feeders as soon as Elizabeth put it out this morning.
 First round of ice dyeing, a t-shirt and 2 half-yards of fabric.
 This was my big project for week 1; screen printed, stamped and stenciled on duck cloth, 1/2 yard.
 Ice dyeing, round 2. T-shirt & 2 scarves this time.  
 A carved rubber stamp to represent grass for another project.
 Sun printing.
 A beautiful sunset on the lake.
 A walk in the woods at Castle in the Clouds.
 A visit with friends at their camp on nearby Squam Lake.
 We paddled the canoe into the nearby creek in search of dragonflies and other pond life to photograph.
First attempt at breakdown screen printing.  Results of 2nd round are better, photos later!

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