Saturday, July 21, 2012

More From Quilt Camp 4

I'm home now from quilt camp (while Elizabeth remains in NH through most of August) and have gotten most of my stuff put away, so I can try to keep the momentum going. Here are some things I worked on in the last week.
 The 2 pieces above and below are both scarves that were ice-dyed; the fabric is layered with ice cubes on top and the dye powder is sprinkled on top of the ice.  As the ice melts, the dye soaks into the fabric, so the results are somewhat of a surprise, depending on the colors used and number of layers.  These 2 were layers in the the same "parfait".  Both are screen printed. 

The blue/turquoise piece above was an attempt at using tapioca as a resist, following instructions in a Quilting Arts article by Lisa Kerpoe.  After applying the tapicoa and letting it dry, I used thickened dye rather than liquid dye; I think I would have had better results with liquid dye.  The tapioca was difficult to wash off, and there were large areas of white when I was done.  I ended up spraying the whole piece with blue and turquoise dye.
This yellow piece was a sunprint from last year - not very inspiring - so I printed it with an orange.  Much better!
I decided I wanted to see what some of my dye colors looked like individually, so did these 9 half yards on the last day.  A bit backwards, I admit, but I started off with ice dyeing and mixing colors, so wanted to see them separately.
On our last day we had a lovely lunch at Caste in the Clouds, in the Ossipee Mountains overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. 

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