Monday, January 2, 2012

Dotty Challenge

My local quilt guild received some fabric samples (5 " squares) from Timeless Treasures and decided to issue a challenge.  The fabric is a collection called "Dotty" and consists of 18 colors with irregular dots.  The challenge was to use at least 6 colors in a small quilt between 18 & 36" square, and use curves in some way.  I've wanted to do a piece with fractured circles for a while, so thought this was a good opportunity.  I used all the colors - one is very pale and the dots are barly visible, so that only appears in one circle, but otherwise they're all there.  I started by layering 3 circles on top of each square, cutting out the bottom layer of the circle each time to reduce bulk.

Then I layed out all the squares on the design wall.

I liked this, and considered stopping at this point, but decided to follow through on the original plan and ended up with this.

I think it turned out well.  The black and white stripe border and blue outer border help give the eye a place to rest with all the dotty riot of color.

1 comment:

  1. I love it. Glad you went on to the final piece.