Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Finished Quilt

The annual guild quilt show is not till June, but quilts we want to show have to be finished NOW for photography and planning, so along with Song Sung Blue which will be in the show, I was also working to finish another piece to put in the show.  This one actually got its start a few years ago at quilt camp, when I made the colored rectangles.  They were some hand-dyed pieces that I created textures on using paint sticks; I did each texture in the same color on each piece to see how the colors interacted.  Last summer I finally fused them to a black background, added the border and started the hand quilting.  Since it was kind of plain, and a color study, I decided to emphasize the colors with perle cotton and big stitch quilting. It's been a slow process, since I don't spend a lot of time on hand work, but it is finished!  This one is 24" wide and 40" long.

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