Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rocks and More Flowers

Sorry its been a week since my last post.  It's taken me that long to decide on the last couple of elements for this piece.  I auditioned various amounts, combinations and placements of the rocks before deciding on the arrangement below.
I think this gives it a bit more balance and grounds it, although I thought the rocks might be a little dark.  What I did before fusing them down is add a layer of beige netting that I fused to the top of each rock. It makes them just a little bit lighter and softer, and adds a little shimmer.

Then as a last sort of impulse addition, I thought some small white flowers in the grass would give it a little more spark.  I had some small wooden stamps that I thought would work but neither one showed up very well.  Instead I tried a small screen that I used as the center of some of the other flowers. I liked it on the sample so I went ahead and started adding.  This is what I ended up with.
Hmm....maybe not the best decision?  Except for the one on the bottom left, I think it will be OK. But I'd really like to get rid of that one.  Come back tomorrow to see what I do next.

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