Sunday, November 18, 2012

November VCQ Meeting

Last weekend I attended our Virginia Consortium of Quilters meeting in Martinsville, VA.  In the previous post I showed some quilts from the Piedmont Arts show we attended Friday evening.  Our meeting/workshop day was held on Saturday and I took a class called Gift Bags Plus taught by Abby Geddes.  This was a fun class!  In the 5 hour class period, we made a gift bag, a zipper pouch, a notebook cover - actually, we finished all 3 of those before lunch! After lunch, we made some bonus gifts - a gift card holder and a coaster; I made 2 of each.  So it was a very productive day!  All quick and easy, but it was so nice to end the day with finished projects!

One of the other classes was focused on our VCQ charity project, which is making pillowcases for foster children in Virginia.  42 cases were completed that day.  A large number of foster children are boys, so the focus was on making cases appropriate for them. 

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