Sunday, August 28, 2011


We survived Hurrican Irene with lots of rain, and leaves and twigs scattered everywhere.  Power flickered but stayed on, thank goodness.  So I was able to get in some quilting time.  I added borders to 2 of my quilt camp pieces, got them sandwiched with backing and batting, so they are ready to be quilted.  Also played a bit with some printing.
Above is a piece called Color Theory.  The primary and secondary color rectangles were hand-dyed and textured with paint sticks, and fused to the background.  Next, some hand stitching to highlight the color theme.  The other piece I worked on is for a challenge, so pictures of that will have to wait.

 These are some pieces I dyed earlier this month; some half yards and an assortment of other linens and crocheted pieces.
My husband's been growing okra in the garden but nobody eats it!  So it seemed like the perfect thing to use for making some vegetable prints.  The cross-cut pieces make a nice little flower shape.

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