Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stink Bugs!

I see it's been over a month since I added to the blog - my intention was at least once a week!  I'll try to do better!

These are my "Bloomin' Stink Bugs!", postcards that I did for a Virginia Consortium of Quilters postcard swap.  I used the shield shape of the stink bug's body in 2 sizes to create a flower-like design and screen-printed it on a hand-dyed fabric that has a first layer of gelatin plate printing.  Paints are Jacquard Lumiere textile paint.  Machine stitching enhances the flower design.


  1. wow, that was an awesome design. what family of stink bugs did you copy that style? are you on a business?

  2. Thanks. It wasn't a particular type of stink bug, just the shield shape of their body that I used to create the design.