Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mixed Media

At the May VCQ (Virginia Consortium of Quilters) meeting, I took a class with Catherine Etter using mixed media - fabric, paint, paper, discharge and other embellishments.  This is my (unfinished) piece, elements are glued down but not layered and stitched.  A few more things may be added in the process.  It was a fun day, learned several new techniques.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stink Bugs!

I see it's been over a month since I added to the blog - my intention was at least once a week!  I'll try to do better!

These are my "Bloomin' Stink Bugs!", postcards that I did for a Virginia Consortium of Quilters postcard swap.  I used the shield shape of the stink bug's body in 2 sizes to create a flower-like design and screen-printed it on a hand-dyed fabric that has a first layer of gelatin plate printing.  Paints are Jacquard Lumiere textile paint.  Machine stitching enhances the flower design.